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 If you live in California then your car is an extension of your personality.  When your
 car is sick, you feel down. When your car is broken; you come to the Charging and
 Starting Specialists at 

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    • 6V, 12V, 24V & 32V SYSTEMS






We have the experience it takes to take care of your automotive needs and we
help you stay on the road and feeling good about your car. There is nothing worse than being towed, by some stranger, t
o a "local" repair shop that may or may not treat you right.

 We promise to get you up and running (usually the same day)  or get you the parts/help you need to complete the job. No one likes to be without their ride. We specialize in all makes and models of alternators and starters, so, when it comes to  starters and charging systems, we don't mess around. Let's get you running again.

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 You want to use your time to the fullest and we don't want to keep you from getting to your destination.
is the only choice to make when it comes to your vehicle.

High Amp Alternators

When you need more power from your alternator there are several things we can do for you.  Some alternators can be "amped up" or the amperage increased from internal parts.  Generally we can increase the amperage considerably; however caution should be weighed when doing this.  The higher amperage alternators run considerably hotter and the life of these alternators will diminish at higher amps.

  We need to know as close as possible the amount of amperage that is expected and for what use.  If for
 example a stock alternator is 65 amps and you have installed a stereo amp to your sound system that increased draw on your system can greatly effect the operation of your vehicle.  We try to determine the right amount of increase amps your alternator needs.  Just increasing the amperage to say 200 is a shot gun effect and is expensive and a waste of amperage.  The overly increased amperage to the alternator is making the alternator run much hotter and it life expectancy is much shorter.

 Some alternators just cannot be increased in amperage and is designed that way from the manufacturer of your vehicle for good reasons.  Other vehicles control the amperage through the vehicles ECM (computer) this device tells the alternator how much to charge under a given load or demand.

  There are still ways around the EMC controlled alternators.  We at RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER can install a battery isolator.  By installing a separate battery and tying in the battery isolator into your alternator we can accomplish the same thing as a high amperage alternator can do for you, only with more control by you.  These systems last generally as long as you own the car with the mega sound system.

  Check with us to see if your vehicle's alternator amperage can be increase through the alternator or if a battery isolator is the route you need to take.  At RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER we solve your charging problems.

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