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The Antelope Valley is building up all over the place. Lots of dirt means lots of dust
and that dirt and dust can cause serious problems. We are on a long uphill journey
 of progress and your industrial equipment is going to need serviced.  You've seen our motto at the top, "Specializing in Caterpillar". We didn't get that reputation by chance.  It's taken a lot of hard work and hands on experience to become specialists.

Since 1977 RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER has been rebuilding alternators and
starter for heavy duty industrial applications. Quality parts and exceptional experience keep us in high demand in this niche. 

From the 1890's to the 1930's wheat, alfalfa and barley was a staple crop for farm owners in the Antelope Valley. Mild winters and newer irrigation techniques have led to a boon of different crops being grown and harvested. With better farming comes better machines to do the work and that means more parts that can wear out.

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 45019 Yucca Ave
  Lancaster, CA. 93534
  Ph:  (661) 729-0100
  Fax: (661)729-0104

No one does it better or faster than RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER

RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER knows that when large vehicles are involved, large contracts are involved. Large contracts do not have room for down time. We take care of your industrial machinery needs and help you stay on time and on budget. When your industrial or specialized machinery is in trouble there's only one place to go and that's to RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER.  We can usually have you fixed in hours, not days. 

Today's industrial vehicles are the backbone of progress. But when they stop, the job stops. When the job stops, there are usually a lot of people left standing around, getting paid for doing nothing.

Call RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER right away and save more by having the specialists in starting and recharging take care of your machines.

If you need an alternator or starter for your commercial vehicle, feel safe that we can rebuild the unit to factory specifications or better. From fleet truck applications to mining operations, we can get you back on the job.

Establishing a commercial account is easy and we will be happy to arrange all the details with you. We take great pride in our commercial agricultural and industrial work and are confident that the helpful professionals at RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER can provide you with the quickest turn around and most reliable product - at the best price - when compared to new parts. With our decades of experience and quality services it's no wonder we can save you time and money. With hundreds of satisfied customers we encourage you to call today find out more.

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We take care of your needs and help you stay on schedule with the shortest amount of down-time as possible.  Your alternators and starters will look brand new and run for a long time.

 RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER specializes in all large agricultural makes and models. When it comes to starters and charging systems, we don't mess around. 

You want to use your time to the fullest and we don't want to keep you from getting your chores done.  We will make every attempt to return your alternator or starter to you, fixed, the next day. Many times we can turn around the job in only a couple of hours. We treat you like family and do the best we can to boost your up-time rates.

Don't miss an opportunity to have the best in the business take care of you!









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