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Whether it's large or small, red or green, 2-speed, 5-speed, walk behind, rider, accessorized, dirty or clean...your lawn and garden implements have to be running correctly in order for you to complete your chores. When your mower or tractor or other landscaping tool is broken; you come to the Charging and Starting Specialists at RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER.  

  • WE DO:

    • 6V, 12V, 24V & 32V SYSTEMS






Professionals know how important it is to have a reliable service they can call on to keep their Lawn Equipment working. RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER does all that and more.

We specialize in only two things; Alternators and Starters. Since we don't have a backlog of other small engines to tear apart and rebuild, we can get you serviced for a lot less Let's get you running again.

We promise to get you up and running (usually the same day)  or get you the parts/help you need to complete the job. No one likes to be without their ride. When it comes to  starters and charging systems, we don't mess around.

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  Lancaster, CA. 93534
  Ph:  (661) 729-0100
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 You want to use your time to the fullest and we don't want to keep you from getting to your destination.
is the only choice to make when it comes to your vehicle.

Ahh...the age old question.  Do I buy a rebuilt starter/alternator for my machine, or do I have it repaired?  The answer is not a simple one, but maybe this will help. Most re-builders will evaluate your unit for repair and estimate its cost. There is usually a very nominal charge for this service. If you have the time, then repair/rebuild will be your best option.  

If the unit is the original state then repair it, even if the repair exceeds the replacement value by a modest amount. (within reason)  It's better to have the original rebuilt than anyone else's rebuilt. The best reason for repairing is just plain fit.  The unit that was there worked before.  It will fit back in perfectly, and work again.  Most of the time repair costs less than replacement, and provides a perfect fit for the vehicle...sometimes while
you wait.

There are plenty of good quality replacement rebuilt starters and alternators out there. There are also plenty of lousy ones.  If replacement is your only option then get a good quality unit from RITEWAY ALTERNATORS & STARTERS. The old adage is really true here, "You get what you pay for".  Generally, the higher priced units are also higher quality.  A good reputable dealer is a must, buy locally if possible.  There is no point in driving a hundred miles to save ten bucks.  Besides, a local unit is easier to return if need be.

Warranty... Don't judge rebuilts by their warranty.  A long warranty may have no basis on quality but most of the major rebuilders warranty their products for 1 or 2 years.  With RITEWAY ALTERNATORS & STARTERS you're buying local and saving all of that gas money to put in your lawn and garden tool's tank where it belongs.

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