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 Being so close to the Pacific Ocean, Lake Hughes, Laughlin, the Kern River and
 other great bodies of water it's no wonder you see so many personal watercraft
 being towed somewhere every weekend. There's nothing better to do on a warm summer afternoon than be where the water is.  Whether its scuba diving, fishing, skiing, sailing or jet skiing we take every opportunity to get to the water sources that fuel our passion.


  • 6V, 12V, 24V & 32V SYSTEMS







RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER takes care of your marine needs and helps you stay at the lake or on the river, or in the ocean having fun, instead of paddling to shore. There is nothing worse than being towed, in plain view of everyone else, back to the shore, only to pay too much for a local repair.

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  45019 Yucca Ave
  Lancaster, CA. 93534
  Ph:  (661) 729-0100
  Fax: (661)729-0104

Since 1977 RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER has been rebuilding alternators and starters for boat and watercraft owners in the Antelope Valley.  Quality parts and exceptional experience make us in high demand for these much needed units.

If you need a starter or alternator for your marine vehicle, feel safe that we can rebuild your unit to the original specification or better.  From fleet applications to weekend boating, we can get you back in the water.
Generally speaking we have most of these units built and ready for you to pick up and get back in business that same day.  If you would like to establish a commercial account, we would be happy to arrange that for you as well. 

We take great pride in our consumer and commercial applications and are confident we can provide you with a quick turn around and reliable product all at greatly reduced pricing when compared to new units. With our vast experience and quality services it is no wonder we have what it takes to save you money and provide a superior product.  We have hundreds of satisfied and happy customers. 

RITEWAY ALTERNATOR & STARTER also deals with medium to large boats/ships. We take care of all sizes of alternator or starter. Let us recharge your weekend.



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